The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse - Grass Clippings

A lighthouse is at the core of American Culture. One lantern by land and two by sea is the iconic signal from Paul Revere that warned local militias of the impending attack by the British Army. It was the beginning of the American Revolution and without Revere it may have been a much different outcome. 

 At Grass Clippings, well, we have our own lighthouse. It’s our way of communicating with those passing by. Now our message doesn’t typically carry the gravity of the American Revolution, but nonethless it’s still very important. 

 This week’s a big week here in Phoenix. 



With the OPEN taking place this week, we thought it prudent to help the local community make some money. Moneyline, top 5, top 10, the whole kit and caboodle…. Nate Lashely.   



And now we’re not naive to the fact that the Super Bowl is in town. So again it begs the question. Why can’t we all make money together?  



It’s in our DNA folks. Paul Revere paved the way and it’s time we pick up the slack. 

One lantern by land and two lanterns by sea.  



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