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The Stay Grassy mantra is inspired by The Greenskeeper. Take it with you on the road.

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Behind the Scenes at The PHX OPen

Behind the scenes look with the grounds crew at the Phoenix Open.

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2022 Grass Clippings Open

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3942 E. Campbell Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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The Stay Grassy mantra started organically after describing people, places, things, events, and ideas as Grassy, ​​or in other words; in line with the Grass Clippings brand.

For us, it started with the Greenskeepers in golf. But that's just because we're golfers. These greenskeepers are scientists, artists, and do it by their own means. We want to thank our local greenskeepers. But silent heroes don’t just stop there. Silent heroes are stayin’ grassy all over—in every industry and every sport. Anything can be Grassy.

People who stay true to their craft, places that honor their roots, must-have tools like a Leatherman, 100-year tournaments like "The Resorters," and the idea that doing what you love is the best thing you can give to the world.

That's Grassy.