The Story

Grass clippings began in 2018 for a couple of reasons.

First, we loved the name.

Second, we felt it was needed. Between the four of us golfers, not one brand out there truly spoke to us. A brand that meant something, that stood for something, that you were proud to wear. 

Third, we got to know an old golf greenskeeper in town and discovered he knew more about the golf course than anybody else at the golf course. The most hard working, knowledgeable & important component to delivering the golf experience we all enjoy. These greenskeepers are scientists, artists, and do it by their own means. Yet somehow they live in the background and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Our experiences growing up with the game and our relationships with greenskeepers inspired us to start Grass Clippings. We set out to design unique, sustainable clothes that could represent the greenskeepers, Stay Grassy, and an Earth-First approach to business & life. A clothing brand that gives recognition to the dedication, hard work, and selflessness of the amazing greenskeepers out there. A brand that tells their stories. The romance of early mornings, maintenance yards, coffee, and getting your hands dirty. We think it’s time everyone gives credit where credit is due; thank your local greenskeeper. 

Stay grassy is our mantra. It seems to sum everything up.