Grass Clippings at rolling Hills

Grass Clippings responded to City of Tempe RFP #22-024. It is the City of Tempe's objective to enter into a public private partnership that:

- Ensures the long-term viability of public golf;
- Addresses capital improvement needs;
- Provides revenue to the City; and;
- Expands golf and recreational amenities to a wide and diverse audience.

The $13MM proposed plan, entirely funded by Grass Clippings, includes keeping the existing 18-hole golf course while improving course conditions and adding lights and upgrades to the existing practice facility including lights. In addition, Grass Clippings will renovate the existing clubhouse and proshop while adding space for a community gathering place, family activity lawn, and Sonoran inspired, healthy & fresh, family-style restuarant.

Supported by the Arizona Golf Association, Grass Clippings at Rolling Hills will become a place for growing the game of golf.

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Junior golf association of arizona

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USGA World Handicap system

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Arizona Golf Association

Letter of Support

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