The Fleet

The Stay Grassy Mantra came about organically. We've used it to describe people, places, things or anything that falls in-line with the Grass Clippings brand. When it comes to people, it's folks that stay true to their craft. Over the past 4 years, we've connected with "Grassy" people from all walks of life. As we continue the journey, the list will continue to grow.

Amigos y Amigas

Parker McLachlin
PGA Tour Winner and Short Game Coach... The Short Game Chef

Drew Maggi
Professional Baseball player

Celerino Bravo
Landscaping Legend

Sarah Schmelzel

Rene Garcia
LA Dodgers Grounds Keeper

Josh Galvin
North Dakota State University

Tyson McDonald
Grounds Crew Desert Mountain Golf Club

Kyle Cox
University of Texas Arlington

Royce Woolridge
Rapper and Entrepreneur

Lincoln Johnson
University of Minnesota

Gavin Cohen
Loyal Marymount University

Nate Adams
North Dakota State University

Trey Fessler
PGA Tour Latino America Member