2022 resorters Men's Champ Bio's

I think it’s important for you to get a background on the individual providing the following analysis. My name is Billy Dobson. I currently live in Mesquite, Nevada and I am a part-time betting handicapper. 

32 Qualified Players

Jerry Rose - In the critically acclaimed movie series “Batman”, Bruce Wayne heroically says something that reminds me of Jerry Rose. As Gotham City was crumbling, Catwoman pleads with Batman, “come with me. You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything.” To which Bruce Wayne famously says, “not everything. Not yet.” Folks…. People have been pleading with Jerry to join the executive flight or even the senior flight for years, but not Jerry. Not Batman…. Jerry Rose is not only a three time champion. He’s in his sixties and is still one of my favorites to win this tournament. Ya’ll can get caught up with the young guns who can hit it 300 yards, but I’m sticking to what works. Expect players who get paired against Jerry in matchplay to feel the heat. It’s simple really. He’s our horse. There isn’t a dollar figure too high when bidding on Jerry. 

Josh Galvin - Folks, Josh Galvin is a handicappers dream. He’s got good looks, a hot putter and a Brichmont title under his belt. He played his way in through a playoff and gamblers are licking their lips. It’s pretty simple here folks - he plays for NDSU and he won last week. You do the math on what it’s worth..

Bryant Black - It’s sad really seeing age catch up to a once prolific golfer. I think he’d agree with Billy Dobson when I say he hasn’t aged well. His Resorters resume reads like a Senior Tour player reflecting on his past accomplishments. As a gambling man, I like Black’s upside. As a family man, I don’t like losing money. He’s an Alexandria native & once flirted with winning the tournament. You might say that age has caught up with him, but I'd say it’s irrelevant especially on a course like Alexandria. If Bryant can find his childlike motivation, he’s a few rounds away from taking home the elusive Resorters trophy. I’m betting on the town of Alexandria here.

Jimmy Hoselton - Folks, the cat is out of the bag. You’re going to have to pony up the big bucks if you intend on buying Hoselton. He made it to the quarters in 2019 & 2020. 2021 was shaping up to be his year, but Jimmy couldn’t play. His wife gave birth to their first child, a boy, during last year’s Resorters. Having a first son does something to a man. It makes you spend your time with thoughtful intentions. There’s a quote from the critically acclaimed film, Happy Gilmore, that applies here. Shooter McGavin approached Happy and confidently said, “ I’ve paid my dues and now it’s shooters turn.” Folks que the fireworks. Jimmy might win the Resorters on his son’s first birthday. 

Jim Lehman: It’s no secret who his brother is. People even forget that Tom has siblings, but there is still a local Alexandria contingent that believes Jim was the better junior player. If it wasn’t for a couple bad bounces here and there, Jim himself could’ve hoisted a Clarret Jug. But folks, that’s golf. Jim, a champion in 2002 is now 64 years old, but the buzz around Minneapolis is that Jim is in the best shape of his life. I get it. It’s hard to believe a 64 year old could win the Resorters when last year a 16 year old won, but if you asked Al Michaels if he believes in miracles I think he’d say yes. 

Alec Heinen: Don’t jump out of your chair. Alec is simply the cousin of two time Resorters champion Nic Heinen. Regardless of the relationship, it doesn’t discount the fact that Alec Heinen was a 2014 - MVC Scholar-Athlete for the Wichita State Golf team. If you bet the PGA tour week to week, Alec would be what we handicappers call a “flyer guy” - a Rorry Sabatini of the professional world. Plausible he could win, but not surprising if he’s on the early flight back to Witchita. Billy Dobson isn’t losing any sleep on holding back my money here. 

Braeden Sladek: I don't really know what to tell you. We’re looking at something really special here. Sladek won the Resorters last year at the 100th anniversary as a 16 year old. To Billy, Sladek winning the Resorters at that age iis equivalent to Bobby Jones winning the Georgia Amatuer Championship at the age of 14 and we all know how that career turned out. It’s worth noting that Braeden beat former PGA Tour Professional  and University of  Minnesota standout, Donald Constable, so badly in last year’s semi finals that Donald chose to skip the Resorters in 2022. Again, I am not a financial advisor and I have a horrible gambling record, but I’d hate to look back in 20 years and regret not spending an extra thousand bucks on Bobby Jones at the 2022 Resorters. If you plan on bidding, dig in. 

Nate Adams: Folks, Billy Dobson has a track record for getting emotionally attached to players, so read the following accordingly. Nate Adams reminds me a lot of Ja Morant. Small school, overlooked, and incredibly talented. If this were the NFL combine, GM’s would be salivating and it turns out he’s tied for the lead. 1 + 1 =2 and with that being said - Nate will win the resorters unless he goes pro. This could get expensive.   

Gunnar Broin: Don’t tell my wife, but I’d be willing to bet my entire mortgage here without knowing the first thing about the kid. Not everyone can walk around with a name like Gunnar Broin. Hell, I’d like to meet his parents. Turns out Gunnar has lived up to his name as he’s the 4 seed in the long drive competition.  Folks, bring out both barrels here - cash, credit, travelers check, cryptocurrency - I don’t care. Liquidate all accounts and get yourself a boy named Gunnar. I’ll tell you one thing Billy Dobson will be bidding here as well.  

Jaques Wilson: At this point, I think it’s fairly obvious how Billy Dobson feels about Jaques. Disappointment, disheartened, baffled are a few adjectives to name a few. Wilson won the Resorters in 2014 and like many times before Billy Dobson got over his skies. I went back to Las Vegas following the 2014 Resorters touting the young Jaques Wilson as the next Seve Ballesteros. My remarks got me sideways with a few bookies. Hell, I almost lost my wife. Jaques Wilson’s career didn’t pan out as the Dobson household had  predicted. Regardless, he’s a past champion and if he’s in the right mindset I don’t know why he can’t win another. My family has been through too much trauma to spend any more money here, but don’t let it stop you. 

Lincoln Johnson: It's tough for Billy not to get a little teary eyed here. The romanticism can’t be understated especially with rumors swirling in Minneapolis that this might be Lincoln’s last Resorters. Myself alongside Resorters faithful have watched Lincoln grow up at this tournament. He won the Juniors back in 2012 and found himself in the finals of the Men’s champ as a teenager. A four year starter at the University of Minnesota, Lincoln is hoping to ride off into the sunset. If you asked Lincoln the importance of this tournament, I think he’d tell you it means a hell of alot to him and his family. If he were to pull it off this week, prepare for one hell of a party Saturday night. These are the types of investments that get me in trouble with my wife. I’m willing to go all in here. Hell, I’m willing to go down with the ship. 

Davis Johnson: If it’s true that older brother Lincoln will be hanging up the cleats at the Resorters this year, Davis will be carrying the baton into the future for the Johnson name. Like Lincoln, Davis is a Junior champ (2 time champ actually - 2017, 2018). A Mr. Minnesota Golfer of the year finalist in 2021, Davis is as skilled as anyone in this tournament and a Resorters win wouldn’t shock the world. There will be a lot of emotions swirling around the Johnson cabin this week and it might just be the right recipe for one of the Johnson boys to walk away a winner. I’ll have my checkbook in hand when Davis’ name is called at the Calcutta. 

Nick Jarrett: I’d be lying if I said Billy Dobson wasn’t a little intimidated by Nick Jarrett. He’s in his 30’s, has a compelling golf resume, and has calves the size of a dump truck. Maybe I’m intimidated because Billy Dobson has let his physique go over the years and Jarrett, now in his 30’s, still looks the Terminator. Jarrett made it to the quarterfinals in last year’s Resorters losing to Nate Adams. Here’s the thing - Nick Jarrett is gonna be in the mix like every other year. Winning the whole thing is between him and the golf course. I look at this as a safe investment to at least get paid out with a deep run. Even though I’m scared of him. I’m still buying. 

Kyle Cox: Do you know what you get when you cross breed a Rottweiler and a Black Bear? You get Kyle Cox. Billy Dobson personally knows he wears a 15 size shoe because I’ve been tracking his development for years. Now he might be an animal, but around the greens he’s got hands as soft as my wife’s yoga instructor. You’re not going to find a more compelling player to invest in based on his chance of winning and his style of play. If you’re betting, you’ll be doing alongside Billy Dobson. Good luck. 

Zac Jones - I could of sworn I saw Kevin Costner hit driver off one on Sunday. Turns out I was watching Zac Jones from Texas pump a ball OB long and then proceed to hit driver once more. Folks, I didn’t get to the pinnacle of the gambling world without understanding the fact that a winning composition is made from certain personality traits. Have you seen Tin Cup? Billy Dobson has been looking for a player like Zac for years. I don’t care if he gets bounced round 1. I’ll be along for the ride. 

Alex Woodhull - Folks don’t be surprised if Alex shows up to the Calcutta in a Mink coat.  Locals around Alexandria have been calling him Broadway Joe for years now. Hell his dad is even guaranteeing a win at the 101st Resorters. I get it. He snuck into the tournament with a gutty playoff entry, but don’t be fooled; Joe Namath played in the AFL before the merger. We’re looking at a star here. He’ll be wearing a bucket Michigan State hat tomorrow. The point is folks, I side with history. You might think Woodhull is a first round exit, but Billy Dobson firmly believes he has a deep run in his blood. The Colts were good, but the astute betters took the Jets Money Line. We roll with Broadway Joe. 

Sean Lehamn -  Folks at home, I could give a rip about Sean’s last name. This kid can flat out play. Hell my uber driver on the way in told me that Sean’s swing speed broke the local sheriff’s radar gun. I get it. His dad won the British Open. When Tom was relevant on the PGA Tour guys were wearing Dockers and feathered hats. We live in a different age. Tom Kite would be lucky to get a job as the starter at AGC. Folks, stay with me here. Sean should be playing slot receiver for the Bucs, but instead he’s at the Resorters coming off a 68. Go break into the ATM in the Resorters room. We do what it takes to buy Sean.

Noah Boraas - Believe me, I was a bit hesitant when I saw the name Noah Boraas. I mean when there’s names like Gunnar, Jed, and Mack in the field - Noah doesn’t do it for me, but folks he keeps posting low scores. Move beyond the name and look at the details. It’s what helped me land a foxy lady I’m lucky to call my wife today, even if it’s my third marriage. Folks what works, works. Noah can play. Board the arc and let’s follow him to the promise land.

Nicholas Adams - No slight against Nicholas, but locals are more interested in, father, Dave Adams. Even though Dave missed on the Long Drive contest last night, staff was actively trying to gather a piss test near the porta potties . Dave’s youngest is tied for the lead and his oldest snuck in through a playoff. I wouldn’t fade the Adams and I'd even pay for a Dave autograph. 

Ben Straumen - If my eyes aren’t lying to me, Ben is 47 and has played in more member guests than my grandpa. Memeber/Guest, best ball, scoop within 3 feet is a fun way to play the game, but it’s the Resorters and it’s year number 101. At the right price, I’ll take a flyer. 

Charlie Moen - Folks if you know the rules of gravity then you’d know that it’s pretty consistent. Charlie won the Juniors in 2018. Yes, he’s young, but a 16 year old did win last year. This kids a winner. It’s your job to pick the right year. 

Gavin Cronkite- Folks, I couldn’t be more bullish on North Dakota State golf. The world was shocked when Carson Wentz was drafted 2 overall by the Philidephia eagles in the 2016 NFL draft and it’s only a matter of time until North Dakota State produces a PGA Tour talent. Gavin’s teammates are none other than Nate Adams and Josh Gavlin (who is fresh off a Brichmont victory) . Not many animals scare me, but I wouldn’t get in front of a Bison. 

Kelly Brown - Folks we’re living in the red here. Kelly went 69 and then 71 in qualifying and it’s turning some heads. A Nebraksa college golfer might be more expensive than you’d like, but you know what they say - “two days in the red and you’ll never be alone in bed.”

Ian Meyer - Folks, I need to get my eyes checked. I thought I saw TJ Hockenson ripping driver off four. Ian Meyer is probably 6’8 without shoes on and hits it longer than my losing streak in Vegas. There’s something about the state of Iowa that gets Billy going. I’m buying here folks. 

Jon Sauer - The Sauer name has been lingering around the Resorters for quite some time now. Always in the mix, but nothing to show for it. He shot 76, 70 in qualifying and he’s right there again. I learned early on you either do your thing or get off the pot. It’s up to him, but I ain’t running to the ATM. 

Ryan Conn - If you’re a member at AGC or a Resorters faithful, you’ll be pulling for Ryan Conn. He’s been around the club since Billy has been covering the Resorters and he knows the course as well as Donnacha. If he can stay hot for the next 4 days, Billy Dobson will retire from the sport (of writing). A man with nothing to lose is a very dangerous man.

Jack Johnson - Que the music. Jack Johnson had 8 birdies in qualifying and 2 double bogeys. He can put the ball close and he plays for maybe the hottest college golf team in the country - NDSU. At this point, Billy is gonna start buying Bison gear. Good Luck betting here. It could get expensive. 

Danny Renner - If you’ve ever met Billy Dobson, you know my admiration for the State of South Dakota. Not only is South Dakota the 17th largest state, there have been some fine individuals that have emerged from ita soil. Danny is a Freshman at SDSU and I’m willing to write a big check. 

Jack Michel - From my records, Jack is a senior on the golf team at Saint Thomas. He’s homegrown and matured. Jack is a prototype a handicapper like myself is looking for. This is a business trip for Jack. Dust off the checkbook. 

Max Labine - Hometown Saint Cloud - check. Plays golf at Saint Johns - check. He’s a Senior - check. Folks, the math isn’t hard. Local and matured. The guy can win. We can always make our money back.

Lucas Feterl - By now we know I’m an NDSU homer and it’s unfortunate that Lucas plays for North Dakota University, so I’m a bit biased. There’s something that caught my eye though. He’s majoring in investments. First off I didn’t know that was a degree. Second, that’s a guy after Billy’s heart and that’s a guy who could win the Resorters. I might square up with him later in the week to talk market conditions, but tonight I’m buying Lucas. 

Jed Baranczy- At this point it’s getting embarrassing how all in I am on the NDSU golf team. I’ve called 7 different bookies in Vegas for an over/under wins total for the team next year. I haven’t got a call back. Regardless, a Bison will be a winner on the PGA Tour real soon and I don’t see why it can’t be Jed.

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