100th Resorters Championship



The Dobson Report

by Billy Dobson



If you don't know Billy Dobson, then well good to meet you. Long story short I'm a freelance professional handicapper that has a soft spot for amateur golf. Theres no worse feeling than showing up to a Calcutta with little to no information. It's what got me into debt early in my career. You don't often find a tournament with 100 years of tradition and I intend on going all in on the Calcutta. There's a reason I'm a freelance handicapper. I hit the same cold streaks as your average layman. *None of the following information should be considered financial advice. Merely a suggestion from a friend at the bar.

When looking for amateur golf tournaments around the United States, it's tough to find a tournament that's been in existence for 5 years let alone 100. So when I stumbled upon the Resorters I promptly quit my job selling jet skis in Wyoming and shifted focus here. Let me offer you a little perspective because the world looked a little different in 1922. Warren G Harding was the president of the United States and he had just installed the first radio in the White House. The country was still in the middle of prohibition, it was the year Betty White was born, and hell we finally recognized Albania as a country. Regardless of the birth of famous actresses and/or Eastern European countries, there was a small town in Western Minnesota that gave birth to what is known today as the Resorters. 100 years later the world looks a whole hell of a lot different. The names Harry Legg and Austin Vukovits span the gambit of Resorters history having won the 1st ever and the most recent events.


Folks if you've never been apart of a Calcutta, well welcome to this brave world. It's important you understand a couple basic facts that will help you navigate an event like this. The Resorters tournament, being a match play event, is much like March Madness in college basketball. Don't get attached to the top seeded players. Upsets happen and happen often. There is an additional component to a Calcutta because it's essentially an auction. You need to practice "sound money management" or you can find yourself in a world of financial hurt. I can speak from experience. Go ask Mrs. Dobson. You are not only playing against your wallet, but you are playing against other bidders. So there is a bit of chess being played. Don't get bullied. Don't overreact and most importantly don't show emotion.

*Folks the bio's below are in no way financial advice. You do not want financial advice from Billy. 



1. Austin Vukovits - “The Champ”

Warren Buffet has long said, “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” If you had the pleasure of watching Austin last year, you’d be salivating at the chance to buy the defending champion. His performance even inspired Billy Dobson to start lifting weights again. Hell he even won the last year as a 28th seed. My research department pointed out an interesting trend though. It suggested Austin was at peak performance last August and it can be viewed as an outlier. Billy is a bit conflicted here. On one hand I trust the information that comes from my research desk. On the other hand I know what I saw last summer. 

2020 Resorters: Champion


2. Donald Constable - “Headliner”

Alright, alright everyone calm down. Donald is no Nick Heinen, but yes he’s very good. Donald played at the University of Minnesota, won the resorters in 2010, played in the 2014 US Open admid his first and only full season on the PGA Tour. With all those accolades, he finds himself back here at the resorters with his amateur status. Hmmm… Billy believes there’s more to this story than what meets the eye and it has me concerned. There will be a lot of buzz at the Calcutta circling the Constable name and I won’t be shocked to see gamblers dip into their savings. If there’s one thing my dad has taught me, “it’s to always drink upstream from the herd.”  ….. There will be a lot of “smart money” spent here, but it’s all smart money until the tournaments over. 

2020 Resorters: DNP (2010 Champion)


3. Noah Boraas - “Up Only”

If you've ever invested in the markets, you'll know the term "price discovery". It's when a tradeable asset sits against resistance levels for a long period of time. When it breaks through, the price of the asset will appreciate at a blistering pace. Noah Boraas has been knocking on the door at the Resorters for the past few years and looks ready to break through. He made17 birdies in qualifying and will most definitely be ready for what matchplay throws at him. He lost in the first round last year to #26th Mason Fiddle which could serve as a source of motivation. I'm afraid Noah won't fly under the radar at the Calcutta, but Billy and company are prepared to do what it takes to scoop him up.  

2020 Resorters: 1st round


4. Ian Meyer - “Sound Investing”

Folks, Ian Meyer is a forced to be reckon with. I think it's fairly obvious after finishing 3rd in qualifying. They young gun is set to play his freshman year at University of Iowa next year and seems to entering play with a lot of confidence. His high school golf resume is something to marvel at which will have gamblers buzzing Tuesday night. Speculators are the engine of financial markets. I'm afraid the speculators will euphoric here and will force an exasperated purchase price. Don't get me wrong. Ian has a shot in 2021, but I'm more worried about my ROI.

2020 Resorters: DNP  


5. Geoff Klein - “The old goat”

The Klein name is a sneaky staple at the Resorters. Although not many Klein champions, they seem to always have a dog in the fight. Geoff has been relevant at the Resorters for along time and it would make sense for the Klein name to break through at the Centennial. Geoff currently serves as the head golf coach at Mankato State University and spends enough time around the game to know what it takes to win at the Resorters. It sure would be poetic if the golf coach could take down all the young guns. Geoff has momentum going into matchplay and I sure like his chances. Albert Einstein once said, "the only source of knowledge is experience." Folks Geoff has plenty of experience and don't be surprised if 2021 is his breakthrough.

2020 Resorters: DNP


6. Jon Sauer - “Luck of the Draw”

The 30 year old from Richfield, Minnesota is a player to keep an eye on. He posted the 4th lowest qualifying score in 2020 shooting 68, 72 and backed it up this year by firing 69, 70. He entered matchplay with lofty expectations in 2020 only to run into an absolute buzz saw. Jon was bounced in the first round by the future champion Austin Vukovits. Matchplay events involve a lot of luck which hasn’t been on Jon’s side. As Billy has always said, “when luck flips in your favor, hold onto your jockstrap.” Don’t be afraid to up the dollar amount on this investment. 

2020 Resorters: First round


7. Nick Jarrett - “Skynet”

Billy didn’t like to sleep in the dark as a kid often having to sleep with his older Dobson roommates. The movie Terminator starring Arnold Schwarsnegger really did a number on me. I think its because robots don’t show any emotion. Nick Jarrett’s play last year sent me into flashbacks of the terminator days of my youth. He’s stone cold. Hell he made an albatross from the fairway on 12 last year in a match against Jerry Rose and almost seemed mad. Folks this is a business trip for Jarrett. He’s been close in recent years and has a legitimate shot in 2021. Money is irrelevant here. Do what it takes.

2020 Resorters: Quarterfinals


8. Zak Jones - “Tex”

Folks, I was told the rumor once that "everything is bigger in Texas." Now I can't verify anything, but after seeing Zak Jones and fellow University of Texas Arlington teammate Kyle Cox warm up on the range I'm becoming a believer. Zak Jones felt right at home during qualifying posting a 72 and 68 and oh boy did Billy like it. Here's another player that gamblers won't be familiar with, so his purchase price may be out of wack with his value. I like to keep a quant with me at a Calcutta. Numbers move quickly. Get him ready to crunch numbers when Zak Jones' name is called. You're gonna want to be a bidder here.

2020 Resorters: DNP


9. Brian Choe - “Time Flies”

It’s crazy how time can alter perspective. Two years ago, Brian Cohoe entered the 2019 Resorters as the defending champion. In short, Choe had everyone’s attention. He was ousted in the 2019 tournament and followed it up with a missed cut in 2020. Now you don’t have to work on Wall Street to conclude his stock is bearish and I’m fairly sure the majority of gamblers will forget he’s even in the tournament. I’ll be monitoring Choe throughout the night with hopes of picking him up at a discount.  

2020 Resorters: Missed Cut


10. Kyle Cox - “Big Country”

If you had the pleasure to watch Jesse Venture in his wrestling prime than Kyle Cox will look familiar. He’s a perfect balance of brute force, rough around the edges looks, and a poetic charisma. You’re probably sitting in your chair right now thinking well this guy’s got no shot, but let me remind you Jesse Venture won the 1999 Minnesota Governors race. Cox’s “x-factor” isn’t his ability to drive greens or his uncanny soft hands. No it’s his caddy. A journey man of sorts, Kirkwood typically finishes a pack of Marlboros in each of Cox’s rounds. That sort of edge and grit is exactly what it takes to walk away a winner at the Resorters. Jesse Ventura once said, “wrestling is ballet with violence.” Folks it ain’t always pretty, but Kyle Cox has a real shot. If I were you, I’d take out an extra credit line here and buckle up for a long week. 

2020 Resorters: DNP


11. Jerry Rose - “The House that Jerry Built”

Folks at home. Let me gather myself….. If the Resorters had a Mount Rushmore, Jerry would most likely be the first face chiseled in. He’s done more for the tournament than Bill Dance has done for professional bass fishing. He reminds me of Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams. His relationship with the Resorters, golf and his family is nothing short of poetic. He’s the oldest player in the Men’s Championship and won his first Resorters well before the internet was invented (1979). So… I get it. It doesn’t sound sexy buying a 62 year old in a Calcutta that features such a deep pool of young talent, but I guess that’s why only 13.5% of sports gamblers are profitable. Forget about age here. Distance can often be the bugaboo for younger golfers on a course like Alexandria. Although Jerry is a three time winner (1979, 1983, & 2000), winning the 100th Resorters would mean the world to him and his family. In the event of a Jerry Rose win, not only will Jim Nantz be on the first flight to Alex, but Billy Dobson will personally build a Jerry Rose statue to be placed at the club. With that being said, I’ll leave you with this. If you want to go down in the annals of history, liquidate all accounts and bet the house here. Herb Brooks famously said, “I’m not lookin’ for the best ones. I’m lookin’ for the right ones.” 

2020 Resorters: Second round, Past Champion (1979, 1983, & 2000)


12. Braeden Sladek - “Youth Movement”

At this point if you don’t know Alexandria is a hotbed for young golfers, I have advice for you. Put your wallet away and go home. Braeden Sladek, 16 years old, is one of the young golfers and is playing at a blistering pace. He shot the course record of 60 at Geneva Golf Club earlier this summer and qualified for the US Junior Amateur. I'm not gonna lie, but Billy is a bit intimidated. You'd think a 16 year old wouldn't be able to win the Resorters, but good luck telling him that. Mark Twain once said “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” If you intend on laying action, strap in Braeden has a real shot in 2021. 

2020 Resorters: Semifinals


13. Joe Bigger - “Gunslinger”

Billy is always intrigued with young golfers especially those that are trending. They don’t have the responsibilities and/or worries as a father with six kids, like Billy. Joe, a freshman golfer at Mankato State, fits the bill. He was the low round Medalist in the MGA Amateur Championship qualifier that was held at Alex Golf club in late June. He won by shooting a 69 beating many 2021 Resorters participants, so it’s safe to say he feels good about his game. People at National Geographics have always said that younger south American cougars are much more dangerous than older south American cougars simply because they are fearless. If Joe gets out to a hot start, look out. 

2020 Resorters: First round


14. Davis Johnson - "Next Gen

If you’re a Lincoln Johnson fan, well by default you’re a Davis Johnson fan. It’s his younger brother who is quickly catching up. He’s mostly been overshadowed by his older brother here at the Resorters mainly because he’s younger, but don’t be fooled he’s on a similar trajectory. The kid can flat out play. He won a Junior’s Championship in 2017, but has struggled to consistently make the cut in Men’s Championship. It’s only a matter of time until he has his breakout performance. If he’s available come Calcutta night, throw your hat in the ring. 

2020 Resorters: Missed Cut


15. Lukas Bigger - “Junkyard Dog”

Lukas, older brother to Joe, showed me something in 2019. He was one of 5 players to finish tied for the last spot in Men’s Championship qualifying. Hell he shot a 71 the final day to be included. As Lukas stood on the first tee of the playoff, I remember thinking to myself “this guy’s got no shot” and oh boy was I wrong. Lukas stood up, sprayed a drive, and then bunted his approach shot to the front of the green. With an unimpressive start to the hole, Bigger drained a 45 foot birdie putt to advance to the big dance. Folks at the Resorters, you want to buy players that have a little “junkyard dog” in them and that’s why I love Lukas in 2021. If you end up buying him, don’t change the channel. It’s must see TV. 

2020 Resorters: DNP


16. Josh Galvin - “Welcome to the Big Show”

If you’re a Josh Galvin fan, get in line. There’s a lot to like. Galvin enters the Resorters admits some of his best golf. His high school team recently won the Minnesota AAA golf championship which has served as a perfect sendoff on his way to play collegiate golf at North Dakota State next year. 2020 was Galvin's breakout performance at the Resorters. He lost 1 down in the championship match. Folks, Josh Galvin has finally arrived and is now a dangerous man. I’m not a financial advisor, but I think most on Wall Street would agree lever long on Galvin.  

2020 Resorters: 2nd place


17. Tony Vanyo - “Boom or Bust”

Before qualifying I told myself about Tony Vanyo - he has a chance to win the whole golf tournament or there's also a chance he could be shopping for a new pontoon Wednesday morning. Well, he's got a date on 1 tee box tomorrow and he's hitting the ball well. He was able to roll in 7 birdies throughout qualifying which was reminiscent of his days playing college golf at Ausburg University. Although Tony might be on the back half of his golf career, I think he's got a lot of juice in the tank. I'm convincing my wife as we speak to bet heavy on Tony Vanyo.

2020 Resorters: DNP 


18. Nate Adams - “Business Trip”

I was expecting to hear Nate’s name called Thursday night in the NBA Draft, but then again he chose to play college golf at North Dakota State. He’s probably the most athletic player in the field and has improved year over year at the Resorters. He reached the quarterfinals in 2019 and the semifinals in 2020. Each loss was by the slimmest of margins. If you’ve played roulette, you know that you should pick the same number and hammer it until it hits. Mark my words, Nate will win the Resorters at some point. Your only job is to make sure you own him. 

2020 Resorters: Semifinals


19. Kelly Brown - “Local's Favorite"

Folks, Kelly Brown is flying under the radar and holds a seed that typically becomes dangerous in matchplay. The name won't be circled on many speculators sheets and that has Billy excited. This type of event is all about access to information. Kelly Brown shot 73 & 72 in qualifying and has some locals excited. "I like Kelly Brown this year. Perfect buy low candidate. Kinda like last year," said the bumper boats attendant at Casey's in town. I like to check my bets with local intel and it's telling me Kelly is a buy. Be prepared to bid against Billy when Kelly is up for grabs.

2020 Resorters: DNP


20. Bryant Black - “Player/Coach”

It’s easy to draw the correlation between Bryant Black and Jackie Moon from the box office hit Semi Pro. In the film, Jackie is the owner, coach, promoter, and starting forward for the Flint Michigan Tropics, a semi professional basketball team. People will argue Jackie held all those positions because the franchise was going broke, but Billy likes to think he was the man for each job. Bryant has a similar resume within the resorters. Bryant’s dad practically raised his boys at the course as he used to run the whole tournament. Bryant has made it to the finals of Men’s championship, and even went on to become the head coach at Mankato State where he discovered talent like the 2019 champion, Cecil Belise. It’s unquestioned Bryant has had an impact on the Resorters and it might be time the tournament has an impact on him. Jackie Moon once said, “I, Jackie Moon, will wrestle a bear.” Folks Bryant isn’t scared and it’s in your best interest to pony up. 

2020 Resorters: Missed Cut


21. Dawson Willis - “Roy McAvoy ”

I watched Dawson Willis pump two balls OB on his last hole (#9) of his final qualifying round in 2018. He went on to post a 9 and miss the cut by 1. Most would point to this as a concern. Not Billy. In fact, performances like that are exactly what I’m looking for. Dawson is electric and he could give a rip about how you think he should hit 5 iron of the box. To put it in perspective, Dawson posted an all world opening round in last years Resorters. He shot a 70 with 6 birdies, an eagle, 4 bogies and a double. Match play gamblers and handicappers typically look for players with the highest volatility. I don’t expect Dawson to come at a discount and I’m willing to get into a bidding war. If you’re looking for a fun week, spend the money here.

2020 Resorters: Second round


22. Jaques Wilson - “Bear Market”

Look folks. I get it. Jaques is very attractive on paper, but Billy didn’t get to the pinnacle of sports betting without looking into the details. Jaques has an impressive resume I’ll give you that. He played college golf at both Kansas University and the University of Southern Charleston, won the 2017 Minnesota Players Championship, and hell he even won the 2014 Resorters. Then why the somber disposition? Well I always find it ironic. With such an impressive resume, why does Jaques always find himself limping into matchplay at the Resorters? He's one of the best players in the field no question, but he has been regressing ever since his Championship in 2014. Bid on Jaques if you think there is a turnaround in store. For Billy, There are to many unknowns and for that reason I’ll tread lightly. 

2020 Resorters: DNP (2014 Champion)


23. Ben Strauman - “Old Man Strength”

Folks if you haven’t picked up by now, Billy loves older players. Their success makes for better stories. Ben, 44 years old, is as good as any of the young guns. In 2020 as the 26th seed, he knocked out the 7th seed in the first round. His 2021 campaign ended in the second round, but it was enough for Billy to know he’s worth my attention. Not only did I think Ben would qualify. I think Ben's got a shot to make a run at the title. Not only am I a buyer here. I’m willing to go down with the ship. 

2020 Resorters: DNP


24. Lincoln Johnson - “Rannulph Junuh"

I’d like to start by saying I’m a Lincoln Johnson fan, so I might be a bit biased. I know I’m not the only one either. Lincoln typically has the largest gallery amongst resorters players. How can you blame us he’s “Mr. Minnesota” and plays on the University of Minnesota golf team. Lincoln’s relationship with the Resorters is nothing short of romantic. He’s been a Resorters phenom since he started playing and was in the Finals in 2015 at the age of 16 only to lose to Resorters great, Nic Heinen. Lincoln reminds me a lot of Matt Damon in the film the Legend of Bagger Vance. A golfer with a whole state behind him. In my opinion, a Resorters win will have a similar effect on Lincoln’s golf career as it did on Matt Damon’s. Expect roudy crowds if Lincoln plays his way into the weekend. Folks Warren Buffett once said, “Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble. You know what you need to do. You might just be catching lighting in a bottle. 

2020 Resorters: 2nd round


25. Alec Heinen - “Bracket Buster”

We all know about the great Nick Heinen. He made Alex Golf Club look like a par 3 course when he won back to back Resorters in 2015 & 2016. Now Alec isn’t on the same level as Nick, but he’s still a dangerous golfer. His Resorters performances & outlook are much like the college he played for, Witichita State. The Shockers are known for being able to go deep into March Madness, but are never a real threat to win it all. Alec can win a handful of matches and prove to be a real Bracket Buster, but the reality is a quarterfinals appearance would be a hell of a showing. At the right price, I might borrow my wife’s checkbook and dive in. 

2020 Resorters: Missed Cut


26. Conrad Walcher - “Passive Investor"

The former Wichita State product's qualifying round was a bit of a mixed bag. He had 8 birdies and 10 bogies. Nothing to write home about, but still good enough to be in the dance. If Billy was being honest, I've never bet on golfers that have careers in financial management. They typically are a bit to risk averse for me. I''m always looking for the "gunslingers" of the field who have 4 eagles and 4 double bogies. High volatility. Walcher is a financial advisor in Oklahoma and I'd be curious what he would tell his clients if they were to bet on him here. No shot at Conrad because he's a great golfer, but I stick to my betting principles. Billy will be in the port-a-john when he's up for auction.

2020 Resorters: DNP


27. Tristan Nelko - “Corn Fed”

Folks this right here is a "dude". Tristan hits the ball about 1,000 yards off the tee, made it the semifinals in 2020, has an emotional relationship with his caddy (dad), and he plays golf for the Nebraska cornhuskers, so you know he’s corn fed. Long story short. Billy is bullish on Tristan. I’m convinced that Tristan’s Dad wants this one as bad as his son. That’s emotional and Billy loves to cry. Folks don’t overthink it. Bust out the checkbook and write the check you were born to write.  

2020 Resorters: Semifinals


28. Mitch Holm -  “Nothing to lose”

A wise man once said, “the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose”. Mitch played college golf at the University of Winona well over 5 years ago. He’s now well into his professional career with a “let it rip” mentality which can be extremely dangerous in matchplay. I kept tabs on him throughout qualifying and he didn't disappoint - 6 birdies and an eagle. I have a feeling gamblers will over look the name Mitch Holm, but folks we might be looking at a sleeper here. Start crunching numbers. I think Mitch is worth a look.  

2020 Resorters: DNP


29. Tommy Brandabur - "War of Attrition"

When I think of Tommy Brandabur, I think of an old savy vet. It's not glitz and glamour. He does what is needed to be done. In qualifying he had two double bogies and yet still managed to hold on. I've said it and I'll say it again. The Resorters is a war of attrition. The last man standing regardless of condition will be deemed the champion. Tommy might not be attractive in a stroke play event, but he should be on your radar for match play. I'm looking to scoop Tommy up on the cheap and be pleasantly surprised come the weekend.  

2020 Resorters: Semifinals


30. Lukas Justesen - “High Upside”

Lukas grew up around the Minnesota golf circuit. He's from Detroit Lakes where the final leg of the circuit resides - The Pine to Palm. So the Resorters isn't foreign to him. He's the captain of his High School golf team and is fresh off a top 20 at the Minnesota Golf Association Junior Boys Championship. The Resorters stage doesn't intimidate Lukas and he has the makeup to be the ultimate Bracket Buster. This is the flyer you want to take. Pony up.

2020 Resorters: Semifinals


31. Jack Pexa - “All in”

Folks at home, Jack Pexa can go low. He’s fresh off another win at the 2021 Loren Krugel Invitational in Mankato where he birdie all the par 5’s on the final day to secure yet another victory. He has the distance and experience to make a deep run at the Resorters. It’s important that you survey the field for players that are trending entering you play opposed to those that are reeling. Once you find those players, make concentrated bets. Mark Cuban has long said, "you don't get rich by having a diversified portfolio. You need large, concentrated bets." Find conviction here and write the check.  

2020 Resorters: DNP


32. Alex Woodhull - “Bubble Team”

I think Alex would agree with Billy when I remember his initial struggles as a junior golfer at the Resorters. Long story short, there weren’t too many players losing sleep over having to play him. BUT as he transitioned from Juniors to Men’s Championship, his game accelerated faster than gamblers could compute. Again, Woodhull isn’t one of the bellwethers in 2021, but he’s good enough to hang around the cut. Alex forged his golf game at the Resorters and I’d hate to be a high seed paired against him. You know what they say, if you hang around the rim long enough something is bound to happen. A deep Woodhull run would be the ultimate Cinderella story and I’d pay big bucks to partake. 

2020 Resorters: Missed Cut