Our Approach

Modernizing Golf.

Our mission is to modernize golf by leading the industry in efforts to highlight the fun aspects of the game. Our model promotes greater accessibility, greater community participation and awareness of golf as a lifetime sport available to a diverse customer audience.

But how?

The Grass Clippings golf brand was founded in 2018 by four young entrepreneurs; Jake Hoselton, Jimmy Hoselton, Peter Wilson, and Connor Riley.   All four friends grew up in and around the game of golf in Arizona.  The brand they created was inspired by the golf maintenance crews they knew, the men and women that work tirelessly behind the scenes to proudly cultivate the indispensable aspect of the game of golf – the grass. 

This recognition of the under appreciated maintenance crew originated the “Stay Grassy” mantra.  It is through this lens that we hope to create a new genre within the game.


The future relies on sustainability. Traditional golf courses typically consume 150 acres of land, approximately 100 of which is maintained turf grass. On average, those 100 acres of turf grass consume 90 million gallons of water annually. Grass Clippings Golf Courses aims to cut these numbers by more than 60%.