Resorters Long Drive

Longer Every Year

The world got what it wanted - Gunnar Broin, Bryan Hoops, Leah Skaar, and Zach Gugisberg were crowned

2022 Long Drive Results

There were 4 divisions - Men's, Men's + 50, Woman's, and Juniors. Folks it's what the people wanted - a Minnesota sunset sky, loons calling, and some of the best in the Midwest banging balls down range. Below are the brackets from the 4 that qualified from each division.

Men's Champ

Gunnar Broin outlasted Mack Farely in the Finals to become the longest man of the year. Tip your cap to Gunnar. Fitting a guy name Gunnar wins the first Grass Clippings Long Drive.

Men's + 50

Folks Byran Hoops doesn't look a day over 32. He beat down 2 time Resorters Champion Marc Lindberg in the Finals to crowned the champion. Lindberg even waived a white flag half way through Bryan's final 2 minutes.


Folks talk about an all time upset. Leah Skaar went for a mere $50 in the Calcutta and ended up winning as the #4 seed. #1 seed Emma went for $750 in the Calcutta, so to say Leah was an underdog would be an understatement. Congrats Leah!

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