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October Monthly Golf Newsletter - 2021

The following newsletter is sponsored by Grass Clippings. We highly recommend reading on a full stomach. *As always, none of the below information has been fact checked or confirmed in anyway.


"Run the damn ball" is a phrase typically used at a pop warner, flag football or even a Chicago Bears game. It's suppose to encourage fundamental play. The anthesis of the razzle dazzle. They'd like you to think that "Run the Damn Ball" is a masculine endeavor, but in all reality it probably means a lack of talent. At Grass Clippings we believe in a different phrase "Throw the Damn Ball". There's a reason the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl every year. It pays to be aggressive. On and off the field.

Used in a conversation: 

"Hey Coach, stop the jet sweep BS. Get back to the basics. Run the damn ball."

With that being said welcome to the Grass Clippings monthly newsletter. 


In this issue: 

Billy's Monthly Insights: *things Billy learned in September

  1. Never Say Die.... Drew Maggi
  2. Is the US Dollar Going Under?
  3. Whose Got Balls?
  4. Times are a Changin'
  5. Bryson Dechambeau (unpopular opinion)

Updates from the Shop 

  1. New Belts 
  2. Golf Balls
  3. New Local Art

Investing 101 

  1. Tokemak 
  2. Futureswap
  3. Ethereum
  4. Football Sports Betting


1. Never Say Die... Drew Maggi Proves What's Possible

Let's be real. We've all hung around the water cooler and talked about "commitment" with our colleagues. But the truth of the matter is the average person stays at a job less than three years. Hell, if the pandemic has taught us anything it's that most employees are looking to jump ship at the first opportunity. Most of us wouldn't know commitment if it slapped us in the face. Drew Maggi does. He's given 11 years to minor league baseball with one goal - make it to the big leagues. Well on September 18, 2022 that dream became a reality. Grass Clippings salutes you Drew.

2. The Life of a Reserve Currency 

I tend to have a unique perspective on currency and that'll happen when you spend 6 months living out of a broke down motorhome. Nonetheless, currency can come in many forms. What people don't realize is that currencies come and go especially when they are the resevere currency of the world. Now I'm not calling for the demise of US montetary policy, but history tends to repeat itself and it's worth paying attention to. The average life span of a currency is 27 years. The average life span of a world reserve currency is 94 years. The US dollar has served as the world reserve currency for 99 years.

3. Whose Got Balls?

 Ya'll thought people were crazy when we had a supposed toliet paper shortage. Wait till we run out of balls. Things are already tense and I'm afraid a golf ball shortage could be the straw that breaks the camels back. I've talked with several people in the golf industry and suppliers are reporting that ships aren't making it into ports and in some cases the ships are sinking out at sea. To say the least, the situation is dire. If I have any advice for you, stock up on golf balls because it's about to look like a scene from the movie "The Purge".

4. Times are a Changin'

 If I had told you two years ago that sports betting and marijuana were going to be legal, you would have tried to check me into a rehab facility. But now it's business as usual. It's funny how our world can do a complete 180, so quickly. I was in the steam room the other night listening to a guy talk about how his wife is suddenly a huge NFL fan now that she can place wagers on the games. If you're a high beta investor, look no further. It seems everyone is getting in on the action. Hell, Disney is exploring partnerships with sports betting enterprises. I'd be lying if I said Billy wasn't exploring all options as well. Anyway, I love Notre Dame getting the points (+2.5) this weekend at home against Cincinnati.

5. Bryson Dechambeau (unpopular opinion) 

I think it's time to talk Bryson Dechambeau. Maybe the most polarizing golfer in a long time and I'm not sure which side of the fence I fall on. He seems to have it all. A 400 yard drive, a friendly looking girlfriend, and more money that we could ever dream of. Regardless, it seems he has more enemies than friends, most notably Brooks Keopka who claims he should be paying rent living in Bryson's head. Now Brooks Keopka just got down on one knee and it's obvious what that does to a goflers career, so I'm going to chalk this whole Bryson drama up to the fact that he's going through some buyers remorse.  The one thing that isn't up for debate is Bryson's performance at the Ryder Cup. He won and tied his four ball matches and beat European stalwart Sergio Garcia in a pivotal match. The dude can play. What people probably don't know is instead of taking a few weeks off following the Ryder Cup. Bryson hopped on a plane headed for the Pro Long drive competition in Mesquite, Nevada to partake at a shot to win $125,000. Think about that: $125k. He earns that per hole on the PGA Tour. While Brooks Keopka is honeymooning with fiance, Bryson is pushing the boundaries of the sport. Until I see Brooks Keopka do something remotely gritty, my allegiance is to Bryson. Hell, he might just be the hero we all need. 

"Throw the Damn Ball"

In the interest of this months theme "throw the damn ball", we're going to include a monthly investment thesis for you to follow along with. We will allocate $10,000 every month to what we would refer to as high beta plays. The $10,000 can be divided in any increments and be applied to any market stocks, forex, crypto, or even sports gambling. We will track the performance month to month and will reallocate said funds at the beginning over every month. Now if you're looking for conservative investment advice or are intrigued by 5% gains well I hate to break it to you this investment vehicle might not be for you. On the other hand, if you like venturing out from the norm in pursuit of the next frontier well then saddle up. These investments will most likely interupt your sleep schedule, but the upside is worth it. The information is out there and as Leanardo Decaprio once said, "we must go deeper".

*Below investments are of the extremely aggressive nature. There will be ups and downs. No matter the outcome never give hope. It pays to be a rational optimist. Of course none of the below information has been fact checked or confirmed in anyway. This is not to be considered financial advice.

October Balance: $10,000 - Investment tracker

Crypto Markets

1.TOKEMAK ($toke) - $4,000. 

Tokemak is a defi primitive designed to create sustainable liquidity throughout decentralized finance. Liquidity is a major pain point for Defi protocols. New protocols are forced to install high inflationary tokenomics to incentivize liquidity providers to allow average joe's like us to partake in the network. Enter Tokemak.  

Tokemak is set to launch 5 liquidity reactors for protocols that are voted in by $toke stakers. This is major opportunity for defi protocols to buy up the $toke token and redirect liquidity to their venue. I expect price appreciation as projects battle for the right to have their own liquidity reactor. $toke price 

2.Futureswap ($FST) - $3,000. 

There has been an aggressive crackdown from regulators on centralized derivatives exchanges worldwide. As the regulations have progressed so has the push for decentralized derivatives trading. Although crypto is now illegal in China, citizens can still access decentralized exchanges to trade. There have already been a few DEX's that have broke onto the seen $DYDX or $PERP which have amassed market caps around $1 billion. Opportunity is calling: Futureswap.  

Compared to its competitors. Futureswap has a market cap of roughly $56 million and for it to catch the likes of $DYDX and $PERP it would need to 10x. Futureswap has spent the August and September months building its Version 4 on Layer 2 arbitrum. They are set to launch their new product in early October. Previous versions garnered substantial trading volume and the same is expected for Version 4. As regulations continue to mount, I expect a mass migration to decentralized derivatives and for Futureswap to reap the benefits. The token price may appreciate quickly once Version 4 launches... Hold onto your jockstraps.  $FST price 

3. Ethereum ($ETH) - $2,000. 

If you haven't heard of NFT's or DEFI, you need to get out of the house. This new industry has taken the younger generation by storm and Ethereum has been the main benefactor. At this point, I think it's safe to say Ethereum has become the de facto settlement layer of crypto. To put it into perspective, Ethereum did more in transaction volume in Q1 of 2021 than Paypal did in all of 2020. Seize the moment Ethereum.  

The main knock against Ethereum has been that it's not sound money because it never had a fixed supply and was highly inflationary. Well folks, EIP 1553 passed in late August that addressed these issues. Ethereum has begun burning actual $ETH now making it truly deflationary. There will be a supply shock in the near future that should cause rapid price appreciation. It's kind of like a beachball being held underwater.  $ETH price 

*It's worth noting that rumors are circulating that a Bitcoin ETF will be approved likely in the middle October. If this comes to fruition, the crypto markets will most likely do extremely well and as they say a high tide raises all boats.  

Sports Betting Markets

4.Football - $1,000 

I save the riskiest for last. I will be allocating $1,000 towards sports gambling efforts in the month of October. I can't say where I will be placing these bets as sports betting is fluid. What I can say is I will be placing $250 on Notre Dame Money line this weekend. Follow along this month here to see bets added. Investment tracker

In next months newsletter, I will document all bets taken. 

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