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November Monthly Golf Newsletter - 2021

The following newsletter is sponsored by Grass Clippings. We highly recommend drinking a warm glass of 2% milk before reading. *As always, none of the below information has been fact checked or confirmed in anyway nor should it be taken as financial advice

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Mark Twain talked time and time again about the juxtaposition between risk and reward and famously wrote "go out on a limb because that's where all the fruit is". People are conditioned to lean towards less risk and comfort opposed to more risk and prosperity. 

You've probably picked up by now that we don't run the ball at Grass Clippings. We throw it. Although we throw a lot of interceptions, we believe we've set ourselves up from some explosive plays in the near future. And hell we have plenty of open roster spots and could use some help pickin' the fruit

With that being said welcome to the Grass Clippings monthly newsletter. 


In this issue: 

Billy's Monthly Insights: *things Billy learned in August

  1. The Match of all Matches 
  2. China vs. USA and the Bitcoin ETF
  3. From Booth to Battle: Matt Gogel
  4. The Future of Ownership
  5. Love is Not Linear

Updates from the Shop 

  1. New Polos Available
  2. Welcome Mike Uribe to Grass Clippings

Investing 101: Up 20% from last month

  1. ETH
  2. TOKE 
  3. Futureswap
  4. NFT's

 1. The Match of All Matches

Folks, the powers at be must read the Grass Clippings Newsletter because they wasted no time in announcing the Brooks Keopka vs. Bryson Dechambeau match play event that is set to take place on November 26th at the Wynn Golf Club. They'll probably be playing for some sum of money but who gives a shit. This one is about pride. Brooks Keopka has been acting like Shooter McGavin and treating Bryson like Happy Gilmore. I don't know if you've seen the movie, but the fans tend to side with the more gritty of the two. Yes, I'll be betting this match and you won't be surprised to hear that I'll be betting the house on Bryson. When I bet, I have basic standards and I'm not about to lay action on some pretty boy from South Beach whose got a sore knee. It's about time you rub some dirt on it Brooks. Again, I'll be betting the house on Bryson, but the difference between you and me is I'm willing to go down with the ship.

2. China vs USA and the Bitcoin ETF 

Folks at home, we predicted a Bitcoin ETF being passed in October in last month's newsletter and sure as shit it came true. The SEC approved the first Bitcoin Futures ETF to be traded alongside traditional markets. Now it's still not an ETF that offers direct exposure to the underlying asset (strictly futures) but, its still "one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind". You might want to change your underpants because things are about to get toasty in the digital assets ecosystem. From a marco perspective, this approval comes months after China outright banned cryptocurrency. If you're expecting a traditional war with China, I've got news for you it will be a currency war. Now what side of history will you be on?

3. From Booth to Battle

 From booth to battle, Matt Gogel is back. It's been over a decade since Matt tee'd it up as a professional & at the age of 50 is now a heavily entrenched member of the Senior Tour. You might remember him winning the Pebble Beach Pro Am or gracing the airwaves of the golf channel. It's a cool story really. Matt had no intentions of playing pro golf again, but his son, a young phenom high school golfer in Kansas City, convinced him otherwise. Matt is playing for his family and that makes him a dangerous man. Matt, you're an inspiration and Grass Clippings salutes you.

4. The Future of Ownership 

 Folks, if you haven't heard of NFT's get used to it.... you'll be hearing it a lot. And if you like collecting art or are intrigued by making money then NFT's will surely perk your interest. On a statistical basis,, the leading marketplace for NFT's, did $3.4 billion in transaction volume in the month of August. That's Billion with a B. I can't stress the gravity and future potential of NFT's. Hell it's what got Billy Dobson sent to Rehab. Now, CNBC is too busy talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum these days and that's exactly to be expected from the old guard. A smart man once said, "don't drink down stream from the heard". The talking heads on TV constantly skate to where the puck is rather than where the puck is going and that spells money making opportunities for people like us who aren't afraid to go out on a limb.

5. Love is not Linear 

 Folks, its probably not a surprise, but Billy Dobson gave up on love long ago. It's not to say that I don't have the capacity to love because I surely love sports gambling, horse racing, the Indy 500, watching Jamies Winston throw a 50 yard TD, and of course writing. Since giving up my search for a compatible mate, I have gained a keen perspective on the ebbs and flow of love. It all comes back to one thing.... Love is not linear. In fact, it's extremely volatile and that's what gives it such allure. I can remember when I lost my partner and I's savings in the early to late 90's. I had tracked the San Antonio Spurs all season long, created game to game projections, and figured it was time to throw the ball. Avery Johnson had been playing extremely well and was in the midst of his prime. I decided it was time to bet it all and give my gal and I a shot at financial freedom.  I loaded up on the over points total for Avery Johnson of 16.5 points when they played the lowly Golden State Warriors. Turns out Avery Johnson fouled out in the early second half with 8 points. I'm not going to sugar coat it..... It was a big blow. By the time I was ready to explain to my partner that the Golden State Warriors went from a man to zone defense, it was already too late. She had already caught the Tuesday Greyhound back to the Omaha. She didn't even stick around to see me double down on Avery the following game and win it all back. That's when I gave up on love and sitting here today I can say "love is not linear". So for all you love birds out there going through a tough spot, look to Billy Dobson and the San Antonio Spurs because your love dilemma is sure to make a rebound.  

Help us welcome Michael Ralph Uribe Jr. to the shop! 

Mike is originally from Cruces, New Mexico but is now a full time Arizona resident. We asked Mike what "Stay Grassy" meant to him, "When I hear or think of "Stay Grassy" i automatically think be myself, live in the moment, be comfortable in my own skin. Every breath is a gift from God and I want to make sure I don't take anything for granted, that goes for all areas in my life, marriage, family, friendships and everything else that comes with it! Staying Grassy is bigger than golf for me it's a way of life and I wanna spread that message of positivity!"

Next time you’re in the shop make sure to say hello to Mike and welcome him to the Grass team. 

If you haven't picked up by now that digital assets will be a large part of the global economy than God have mercy on your soul. I dare you to pick up the Wall Street Journal and/or any financial publication for that matter and count the articles referencing digital assets. What really grinds my gears is when bank execs like Jamie Diamond call Bitcoin "rat poison" while countries adopt Bitcoin as currency and pension funds pour money into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Next time you take advice from the likes of Jamie Diamond just remember they crashed the global economy in 2008 without any repercussions. Instead listen to Mark Twain: you have to go out on a limb because that's where all the fruit is..... even if that fruit is digital.

Message from Killer the CFO:

Folks at home, in Billy's first month of Investing 101 he delivered some extremely impressive results - he is seeing the field with clarity right now. Rumor has it a few wall street bankers even caught wind of Billy's beautiful mind and joined this mailing list. You're in good company. As of Oct 28th, Billy's portfolio saw returns of 20.38% which drastically outperformed the S&P 500 which came in at a sobering 5.49%. As always, a full breakdown by month of Billy's investments can be accessed here

 Folks, my CFO thinks a 20.38 % return is impressive, but Billy has a lot more juice in the tank. My high school football coach said the most important thing for a quarterback to possess is awareness. Awareness not only in the pocket, but awareness for the entire team. Well coach, let me tell you.... We are in the 7th inning of this bull run and I expect, like the 2017 bull run, that the majority of profits are going to be made in the next 3-5 months and it's important we begin to concentrate our bets. I wasn't kidding when I said change you're underpants because we're due for some skid marks. 

We now have $12,038.46 of capital to deploy and folks we are about to push the ball down field. Again, Mark Twain was a pretty smart guy and I'd like to think he'd be a fan of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Investment Allocations: 

1. Tokemak ($TOKE) - $5,038.46

Folks, I firmly believe that Tokemak is the best investment at the moment in all of cryptocurrency. They have made enormous progress over the last 30 days in solving the DEFI liquidity crisis and their price is beginning to catch up. Currently you can stake your $toke tokens on it's platform in a single sided staking pool that pays roughly 70% paid out weekly in the native token that is appreciating. They have launched a handful of reactors now and if you're smart with your money you can get returns as high as 100% on your underlying asset. Pretty cool right? Well that's what crypto offers folks. There's a reason you can't watch the World Series with out being inundated with crypto commercials. It's the future of not only finance, but the future of mankind.... And you can quote Billy there. 

2. Futureswap ($FST) - $4,000

Folks, have you ever heard the term "hot deck"? It's one of Billy's favorite sayings. You know when you're playing blackjack and you hit an ugly cold streak? When you've lost many times in a row, you're bound to win sooner or later.... It's a "hot deck". Folks, $FST is sitting on a "hot deck". It's been ranging between $9 and $20 for months now and is bound to breakout. $FST recently announced not only that they launched on layer 2 solution Arbitrum, but they will allow for Perp trading on crypto punk NFTs. Perp trading on crypto punks is not only groundbreaking for both DEFI & NFTs, but it marries the two together. In my opinion, it was like the time when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to get hitched. That got Mr. Dobson pretty excited. When this train leaves the station, hold onto your jockstrap because it's going to be a bumpy ride to the upside. 

3. FTX Exchange Token ($FTT) - $3,000

Folks, FTX has projectile vomited all over the MLB and the World Series. I mean the umpires have a crypto ad litered all over their uniforms. What a world we live in. Crypto has taken the most traditional sport by storm and they're not slowing down. A crypto VC said a few months back that things will get interesting when Crypto companies start advertising like traditional companies. There's a whole lot of money being deployed and ready to be deployed on marketing campaigns like FTX's. The brand ambassadors for FTX include Tom Brady, Big Pappi, and Steph Curry among others. If you don't get the signifigance of this than may God have mercy on your soul. 

FTX recently raised $420 million dollars at a $25 billion dollar valuation from some of Silicon Valley's elites like Sequoia Capital among others. The $FTT token currently trades at a $7 billion dollar market cap and a $20 billion dollar fully diluted market cap and here we are simply betting on the $FTT token to catchup to the valuation given by the likes of Sequoia Capital. The founder of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried is out for blood and I would hate to get in his way. 


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