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Feburary Monthly Golf Newsletter - 2023

The following newsletter is sponsored by Grass Clippings. We recommend sitting while reading the following. *As always, none of the below information has been fact checked or confirmed in anyway.

"The Naked Bootleg”

1. The act of turning a corner with an uncertain destination.

2. Going at it alone.

3. The inside seem of a woman’s boot that early 1900’s American Cowboys referred to as “the naked bootleg”.

4.Sometimes used in reference to a particular football play where the quarterback fakes an inside handoff and without looking begins his pursuit upfield. This play is typically designed for quarterbacks that lack any natural athleticism. Video Example

Used in a sentence: 

A father and son sat at an old seedy bar in Western Wyoming. At the bar to help get over the son’s recent breakup, the father was hoping they might bump into Mrs. Right. 

The father took notice of a beautiful girl sitting alone across the bar. “Son why don’t we go over there and buy her a round. I can help break the ice.”

The son took a long swig of his beer, looked at his dad and said, “No need. I got this.” And proceeded to walk across the bar.

The father laughed and smiled as he gazed off into the distance as he muttered to himself, “the ol’ naked bootleg”.

With that being said, welcome to the Grass Clippings Newsletter…. We do it every month.


In this issue:
 1."Never Say Die" - The Grass Clippings Open
2. The LIV Tour Could Change Everything
3. The Chef is Cookin'
At the Shop:
 1. Phoenix Open Month
2.Turkey, Bacon w/ Provolone - Extra Mayo
3. The Winter Rye - Pistachio
Investing 101:
 1. Billy is Bullish
2. Vegas
3. Phoenix Open Bets

1. The Grass Clippings Open 

Hibernation is a way for many creatures to survive cold, dark winters without having to forage for food or migrate to somewhere warmer.
The Grass Clippings Open is no different than your average North American Grizzly Bear. It's a creature that must, for a lack of a better term, "survive". As the ground beneath its feet began to shift, The Grass Clippings Open sought refuge, but rest assured it is alive and well. 
For those unfamiliar with the Grass Clippings Open, it's a 2-man scramble held on a par 3 course. The caveat is there are no strokes rewarded to anyone. It's straight up old school ball. Find your best partner and let it ride. The existence of handicaps and/or strokes in the game of golf is a topic amongst itself that Billy Dobson can talk at length about, but not this month. 
Over the three years of its existence, we've seen triumph, despair, and some of the ugliest team breakups that would make even the Kardashians cringe. The first two years Charlie Cerchiai and Andrew McLaren won back to back titles only to be outdone in year 3 when Bryan Hoops and Kristopher Marshall posted a tournament record of -20 under par. 2021 Results
The tournament, while being one of the most competitive tournaments in the state, highlights the fun aspects of the game. Music, team camaraderie, gambling, a Calcutta, and tournament pressure. As seen to your left, following the first day of play a shootout unfolds, but not your typical shootout. A shootout where anything goes. What you'll watch (below) is @thesleezyman channel his inner focus as drinks shower down on him and he attempts to be the closest too from 100 yards out. It's always funny when people talk poorly about par 3 golf, but what people fail to realize is that the most exciting parts of the game unfold from 150 yards and in. The greatest moments in golf history don't take place on the tee box of a par 4, rather they take place on the green or with a wedge in hand.
Although the tournament highlights the fun aspects of the game, the tournament has depth. People want it. Regardless of large purse sizes and ridiculous Calcutta pots, there is a beauty to the tournament. A beauty that if you win, you become part of golf immortality. It's a 2 man scramble. It's on a Par 3 course. It's the Grass Clippings Open. We do it every year. The GCO is coming back. Good luck and God Speed.
Pj Koenig Recap of 2021 Grass Clippings Open:


2. The LIV Tour - "A New Perspective" 

Billy Dobson has learned over the years that one of the most important qualities in life is humility. The willingness to admit when you are or were wrong. I like, Brandel Chamblee, took a very hard stance against the LIV Tour. It was easy to do when all the pro golfers you've looked up to over the years were saying such harsh things about the new league, but once you take a moment to think about the true landscape of golf your perspective begins to change. How has the PGA Tour or even the USGA treated the game and its players? Now don't get me wrong. The PGA TOUR and USGA are great organizations, but they aren't without their flaws. They talk about growing the game and lifting up their players, but the question is would you get the same response from a struggling Canadian Tour player or even a player struggling to get status on the Latin America Tour? I've seen it first hand. Players flying across country spending $3,000 to enter into a Canadian Tour Qualifier where there is no prize money awarded. Just the right to travel to Canada to play in events where the winner wins on average about $36,000 before taxes let alone travel expenses and a caddie. That's a tough way to make a living. Most burn through savings and grow disgruntled with the game. Or how about the USGA and their monopoly on the Amateur world. Did you know that if a college player were to walk out to the range and give his or her Dad's buddy a lesson for $50 bucks that player would lose their Amateur status? No longer able to play in the US Am or play for their college team. Does that seem right? Rule 4

As my research has deepened, my LIV Tour opinion has drastically changed. They may have gone about it the wrong way or chose to sign players that are extremely unlikeable, but they could be solving a real issue in the sport of golf.
Take Anthony Kim for example who is now a distant memory. In short, Anthony Kim was well on his way to become a perennial top 10 player on the PGA TOUR. He was often compared to Tiger Woods. After his first full season on tour, he was picked for the 2008 Ryder Cup Team.
Kim beat Sergio Garcia in his first match 5&4 and went on to lead the Americans to victory. He was later called the Hero of the 2008 Ryder Cup. 4 years later Anthony Kim suffered several injuries that put his career in question. Having sponsorship deals and insurance policies set in place in the event of such injuries, Kim chose to leave the professional golf world to not risk losing out on the insurance policy money. He was financially in a better place to not play. The PGA TOUR remained silent and golf continued on. Rory Mcllroy said in 2019 "I miss Anthony Kim. The Tour was a better place with him in it." 
Imagine if Michael Jordan sprained his ankle or tore a shoulder tendon during the early part of his career. You would think the NBA would do everything in its power to ensure the NBA's most transcendent player found his way back on the court. To the general public's knowledge, the PGA TOUR didn't take such actions. They let him walk. When you come to find out that the PGA TOUR has billions of dollars in their "slush fund", it begs the question why didn't they work out a financial arrangement with Kim or his insurer? Anthony Kim could have helped “grow the game” as the PGA TOUR loves to say.
I still have great admiration for the PGA TOUR, but with the LIV Tour rumored to have offered Anthony Kim a 4 year contract worth over $100 million I stand corrected. Maybe the LIV Tour is exactly what golf needs. 

3. The Chef is Cookin'

Folks, I keep sayin' it. If you haven't heard of the short game chef and you're an avid golfer, then it's time to wake up. I can speak from experience. Although a personal friend, the one 2-hour lesson I had with Parker changed my life and I'm not kidding. Hell, my wife has even taken notice. Parker McLachlin is a former PGA TOUR winner who plays 5 to 6 PGA TOUR events a year, most recently at the Sony Open. He spends the majority of his time teaching the short game under the name "The Short Game Chef". Again I can speak to it, the short game is the most important part of the game. It's the same reason Earl Woods started teaching Tiger from the inside out. Parker's knowledge and ability around the green can have a profound effect on a players game. So much so this past month it was announced he is now working with the #7 player in the world, Colin Morikawa. Morikawa's first tournament after the announcement was at the Sentry Tournament of Champions where he finished second. Morikawa even said in reference to Parker's teaching that he finally feels like he has answers and that Parker has helped him gain a new understanding of the short game. The proof is in the pudding. Even though Parker missed the cut at the Sony Open, he finished 1st in strokes gained around the green. Parker can be found on instagram under the tag @shortgamechef or if you're looking for more in-depth instruction he offers an online subscription to his teachings on his website: Short Game Chef.
Click below to see his interview on the Golf Channel about his new relationship with Colin Morikawa.
3942 E Campbell Ave. Phx, AZ 
The Phoenix Open is less than two weeks away and the buzz is palpable. The founders at Grass Clippings have been inspired by the tournament since we picked up the game at a young age. The Thunderbirds have continued to push the limits of professional golf and we're lucky it takes place in our backyard. 
Two of the Grass Clippings founders will be teeing it up in the Thursday qualifier that takes place on February 2nd. The fact that we have a shot to get through the qualifying rounds and play on the big stage is what makes golf such a special sport. If you're in town for the tournament, make sure to stop by the shop. 
*A throw the ball investment strategy. Imaginary $10,000 is invested each month and we track the performance. "Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever." - Shane Falco…. In other words, this is not financial advice.
With the ringing in of the new year last month, we thought it prudent to take the month off from investing in our throw the ball fund. It gave us the chance to sit back and reflect on last year's investments. Despite what the fund's oversight committee would say, I think we learned some valuable lessons that we can build off of going forward. Brett Favre is in the Hall of Fame, yet he threw 336 interceptions. 
Our reflection led us to the fact that we are extremely bullish in 2023. As I always say, make sure to invest in things you use, you understand, and you can create real conviction. Well folks, Mrs. Dobson and I spent a few days in Las Vegas this past month and boy oh boy are we doubling down. Las Vegas is back. It's vibrant once again. Although I lost a few months mortgage playing craps and littering roulette tables with $10 chips, it was beyond obvious that Vegas is on the upswing following the pandemic and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The fund is betting on a pivot from the Fed regarding interest rates in the early part of the summer and we feel now is the time to "split'm and double down". Viva Las Vegas. 

Message from Killer the CFO:

It’s obvious Billy needed a break. 2022 was a journey to say the least. This past month allowed Billy to rethink his approach and the aggressiveness behind his strategy, but folks nothing has changed. Billy is as bullish as ever and it’s sentimental this time. He’s bullish Vegas and his favorite golf tournament, The Phoenix Open, which is tough to fault him for.

Buckle up. It’s shaping up to be an eventful month.  

Investment tracker doc can be accessed here

February Allocation

1.  The purchase of 121 shares of MGM Resorts International - ($5,000)

Spending time in Las Vegas you quickly realize that MGM Resorts has its hands in everything. I found myself 4 blocks from the MGM casino placing a bet at a sports book and my slip said - winnings redeemable at any MGM sports book. Between MGM's reach within Vegas and their presence in the online sports betting world, we are allocating half of the month's allotment on the MGM Resorts stock. Hell, this one might become part of our long term portfolio.

2.  Jon Rahm to win the Phoenix Open (+550) - ($2,000)

Folks, Jon Rahm is on one of the hottest streaks in golf history. In the last three tournaments, he's won twice and finished T7. The crazy part is he's still only ranked 3rd in the world which he's been openly frustrated with. The Phoenix Open is in his backyard and Jon Rahm is playing with a chip on his shoulder. The hot streak continues. We ride with Rahm.

3.  Collin Morikawa to win the Phoenix Open (+1400) - ($2,000)

As stated earlier, Morikawa is out to a hot start this year and there's no reason he can't win next week at TPC Scottsdale. The X factor amongst it all is again the fact that he's been working with the Short Game Chef. Don't be surprised if "The Chef's" recipes are what help Morikawa notch his first win of the year. 

4.  Taylor Montgomery to win the Phoenix Open (+3500) - ($1,000)

Taylor Montgomery is one of the Thunderbird sponsor exemptions for this year's Phoenix Open and for good reason. The rookie already has 4 top 10 finishes and currently ranks 8th in the Fedex Cup standings. Sahith Theegala proved last year that a sponsorship exemption can in fact flirt with a win at the Phoenix Open. Don't be surprised if Montgomery picks up where Theegala left off and notches his first win of his career. 


Let’s have one hell of a month sG Fam.

-Billy Dobson


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