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February Monthly Golf Newsletter - 2022

In this issue: 

Billy's Monthly Insights: *things Billy observed in December 

  1. Grass Clippings at The Phoenix Open
  2. A Sit Down w/ The Short Game Chef
  3. A Big Money Golf Tournament Goes Belly Up
  4. The Downfall of Brooks Keopka
  5. Those Pesky Politicians
  6. Sports Stats from January

Updates from the Shop 

  1. The Fleet
  2. New Products

Investing 101  *a Hail Mary approach 

  1. Phoenix Open Winner
  2. Superbowl 
  3. NFL MVP

1. Grass Clippings at The Phoenix Open

For starters here's a fun fact. The Phoenix Open is the second largest sporting event in the world. Second only to the Olympics. That's pretty crazy and as Shooter McGavin would say "Damn you people. This is golf. Not a rock concert." As for Grass Clippings, we're excited to be apart of the event this year. We were able to collaborate with the Thunderbirds to design and manufacture four different hat designs that the Thunderbirds will be wearing throughout the week.

On top of that, we will have a Pop-up Shop throughout the tournament at the entrance to The Coors Light Birds Nest. Make sure to stop in for a beer on the way into the Nest.

Concert Lineup: 

Wednesday Feb 9th: Diplo 

Thursday Feb 10th: Sam Hunt

Friday Feb 11th: Macklemore

Saturday Feb 12th: Kygo

Lastly, we will be filming a behind the scenes video with the TPC Greenskeeper and grounds crew during the week of the tournament. We want to bring to life the work that goes into prepping a golf course for the 5th Major. 

2. A Sit Down w/ The Short Game Chef

Folks, Parker McLachlin aka The Short Game Chef is doing big things right here in Arizona. Parker, a former PGA Tour winner, has taken off as a short game coach where he dubs himself "The Short Game Chef". Parker who still plays professionally is also launching his very own line of wedges in collaboration with Titleist.  He's transformed not only my short game, but players on a variety of professional tours. We had a chance to sit down with him in the Grass Clippings shop to talk winning on the PGA Tour, his transition to coaching, and his upcoming product launch. Link to the full interview.  


2. The Big Money Classic.... A $400,000 Debacle

Even though we love folks that throw the ball, this may have been a little aggressive. The CEO of a new upstart professional golf tour, Tyler Hancock, swung for the fences with the Big Money Golf Tour. The Big Money Golf Tour is (potentially was) a new golf tour played alongside the Korn Ferry Tour. The tour was created to offer big money payouts for Korn Ferry Tour players to help offset the cost of playing on such a competitive tour. The Big Money Golf Classic was held December 15-17 promising a $400,000 purse and a $100,000 payout to the winner which is absurd for a golf mini tour. Well, things went downhill quickly and now the Tour owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to players and vendors. As of now, the bank account is empty and folks are wondering if they'll ever get paid. Hancock is now at odds with a tournament sponsor that claims there was no formal sponsorship agreement and payment processor Square is withholding the little funds that are leftover. It's unclear how the Tour planned to pay out the winners, but what is clear is that the future doesn't look bright for The Big Money Tour.  Full Story:

4. The End of Brooks Keopka's Golfing Career

Folks, it's a sad day for Brooks Keopka fans around the world. His career is done... Over... Kaput... Finished... Broken... Abandoned... It doesn't get much darker. Keopka has already been blaming his poor play on a bad bruise that your typical athlete would't bat an eye at. Right when Brooks couldn't get less gritty he went and pulled something that shocked the golfing world. He bleached his hair blonde. Pack it up folks. This show is over.

5. Those Pesky Politicians

I don't know about you, but I found it highly irregular when politicians in DC refused to show up to work earlier this year. It made me wonder, what were they doing with all their free time? It turns out they were locked in their basements drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew and trading stocks they had inside information on. According to, Congress members bought and sold roughly $290 million worth of equities in 2021. On top of that, $140 million was spent on options contracts and $124 million traded in private equity funds. The graphic below shows a number of politicians and their returns against the S&P. Tip your cap. They did pretty well. Link to article

6. Sports Notes from January  

Tom Brady Retires: 

  • Brady started 18 seasons for the New England Patriots leading them to 17 divisional titles, 13 AFC Championship games, 9 Super Bowl appearances and 6 Super Bowl Titles. He won his 7th Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was a 3 time NFL MVP and a 5 time Super Bowl MVP.
  • Most Playoff wins allí time: Patriots (37), Packers (36), Steelers (36), Cowboys (35), Tom Brady (35)

Chiefs vs Bills - A Game for the Ages

  •  RECORD: Following the two minute warning, there were 31 combined points scored and 296 yards of total offense. 

Kliff Kingsbury History of Season Collapses

  • Here are Kingsbury's coaching collapses since 2013. In 2013, Texas Tech when 7-0 only to finish the last 6 games 1-5. In 2014,  Texas Tech started 2-0 then went 2-8. In 2015, Texas Tech went 5-2 followed by a 2-4 finish. In 2016, Tech started 4-1 and finished 2-7. In 2017, Texas Tech started 4-1 and finished 2-6. In his final year at Texas Tech, the Red Raiders started 5-0 only to 2-5 in their final 7 games. 
  • Since Kingsbury has been with the Cardinals it's been the same story. In 2019, the Cardinals started 3-3-1 and finished 2-7. In 2020, the Cardinals started 6-3 only to finish 2-5. 2022 was the most demoralizing. Even though they made the playoffs, the Cardinals started 10-2 followed by a 1-5 finish. It now begs the question. Why is Kliff Kingsbury an NFL coach? 

The Grass Clippings Fleet

At Grass Clippings we've been describing things as "Grassy" for years now. "That's a grassy bar" or "that's a grassy dude" which essentially means it's in-line with the Grass Clippings brand. Since we got the company off the ground and more recently when we opened our retailed shop, we've met people from all over that inspire us to keep pushing forward at Grass Clippings. Those people we consider our fleet. As we continue down the Grass Clippings journey the fleet will surely grow. THE FLEET

  • Parker McLachlin:  PGA Tour Winner and short game coach.. The Short Game Chef @shortgamechef
  • Drew Maggi: Professional Baseball Player @drewmaggi1
  • Celerino Bravo: Landscaping Legend
  • Sarah Schmelzel: LPGA Tour Member @sschmelly
  • Rene Garcia: LA Dodgers Grounds Crew @glorified_gardener
  • Scott Herbert: TPC Scottsdale - Sr Assistant Superintendent @scottyhebes
  • Josh Galvin: University of North Dakota State golfer @josh.galvin11
  • Tyson McDonald: Grounds Crew Desert Mountain Golf Club @tysonmcfilthy
  • Kyle Cox: University of Texas Arlington golfer @kylec1
  • Royce Woolridge: rapper and entrepreneur @roycewoolridge
  • Lincoln Johnson: University of Minnesota golfer  @lincoln_johnson17
  • Gavin Cohen: Loyal Marymont University golfer @gavin_cohen
  • Nate Adams: University of North Dakota State golfer @nate_adams141
  • Trey Fessler: PGA Tour Latino America Member @fessler_golf

Alright folks, we might be staring down the barrel of a bear market across the board. An end to stimulus checks and higher interest rates could be what brings prices back to reality. Regardless of safe haven narratives, the crypto market will most definitely feel the heat and in many cases it already has. If things continue to get worse you'll most likely hear people say "crypto is going to zero" and that's typically the time to buy.  Regardless of how the markets react to changing policies, one thing is clear. Crypto ain't going nowhere. Here's a list of notable storylines from the crypto world that took place in January.

  • ​Arizona introduces bill to make Bitcoin legal tender
  • Lebron James signs partnership deal with
  • Google Cloud to soon except Bitcoin payments
  • Russia approves roadmap for crypto regulation, banning crypto off the table 
  • Fidelity to launch crypto industry ETF
  • Ark Invest: "Ethereum market cap could exceed $20 trillion in the next 10 years"
  • US citizens can now use Bitcoin as collateral to buy a home using MILO
  • Mastercard now allows customers to purchase NFTs 
  • New York Mayor to convert his paycheck to Bitcoin and Ethereum 
  • Saquon Barkley, Klay Thompson, and Andre Igoudala  will start excepting a portion of their salaries in Bitcoin
  • Billionaire Investor Bill Miller converts 50% of net worth into Bitcoin
  • Walmart files for several crypto trademarks
  • 300 US Banks preparing to offer Bitcoin trading in 2022

Regardless of a bear market, it's important not to miss the forest for the trees. It's abundantly clear that Bitcoin is becoming as much apart of the World Economy as it is pop culture. When the likes of Lebron James, Reese Witherspoon, Saquan Barkley, Snoog Dog, Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, Steph Curry and others all continue to adopt and support cryptocurrency, the younger generation will become more and more comfortable with using it. Its estimated that 27 million people in America own crypto and that number is set to grow.

Message from Killer the CFO:

Billy's portfolio is in an absolute tailspin, I have to admit this isn't an easy update to type. Down (40.5%) in the month of January wasn't the way Billy wanted to kick of 2022. To my surprise his confidence appears to be an all time high, as he was recently overheard chanting "Throw the damn ball". So, we've decided to kick things up a notch and restructure the format for Billy's monthly picks. Rather than having the previous months balance roll over into the next months investments, Billy has negotiated a deal with a hard money lender out of Reno (88% APR) to fund a flat $10k for each months picks. Stay tuned, stay patient & most importantly...STAY GRASSY!


Investment tracker doc can be accessed here

Folks with the stock market and crypto market in question, we decided to allocate all funds to the world of sports betting. We considered shorting the market, but as they say "life is too short to bet the under".

Allocations for February 2022: 


1. John Rahm to win the Phoenix Open (+550) - $3,000

John Rahm is clearly the best player in the world. He's finished in the Top 5 in 2 of the last 3 events. Folks, he's going to win more than one tournament this year and winning in his backyard wouldn't shock anyone.  

2. Rams vs Bengals - Bengals (+4) - $3,000

Folks, I'm not betting against Joey Football. Joe Burrow has taken a Bengals team that went 2-14 in 2019 to the Super Bowl only 2 years later. His confidence is palpable. When asked if his diamonds on his necklace were real, he responded "I make too much money to have fake diamonds". Even though the Rams are playing at home, I think Joey Football propels the Bengals to their first Super Bowl victory. 

3. Aaron Rodgers to Win NFL MVP (-400) - $4,000

Even though Billy Dobson is not a personal fan of Aaron Rodgers, I do think he runs away with the MVP award. His numbers this year were beyond insane. He completed 68.9% of his passes, threw for 37 touchdowns, recorded only 4 interceptions, and led the Packers to a13-3 regular season record. Even though  the line is (-400), free money is free money.  

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