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December Monthly Golf Newsletter - 2021

CHRISTMAS AT THE SHOP—Thanks for a great year.

If it weren't for all ya'll we'd have no reason to run Grass Clippings. We can not thank you enough for your support this past year. There is nothing better than seeing photos come in of Stay Grassy out there in the wild. We're going to be decorating this tree for the next 25 days. Come bring your favorite ornament and cheers with us. 


In this issue: 

Billy's Monthly Insights: *things Billy learned in November

  1. Bryson Dechambeau: We Went Down with the Ship
  2. Out with the Old and in with the New
  3. Long Live King Woods
  4. Lee Elder, first Black golfer to compete in the Masters, dies at 87

Updates from the Shop 

  1. Available now: New Grass Clippings Crewnecks & Soft Corduroy logo hats
  2. Coming soon: Patch Hats back in stock with 5 new colors & Stay Grassy bucket hats

Investing 101:

  1. Down 15.01% in November 2021
  2. Allocations for December 2021

1. Bryson Dechambeau: We Went Down with the Ship

Well Billy wore this one on the chin. This was your old fashion back alley mugging. The match was suppose to go 12 holes, but Brooks finished off Bryson in 9 winning 4up with 3 to go. To add insult to injury, when Brooks was asked, "Does this make you want to play with Bryson more often?" He responded, "Nah I'm good." I'm not going to lie Billy has no clue where to go from here. I've been on team Bryson for  2 years now and what he showed me at Shadow Creek will most likely have me jumping ship. Bryson: I'm not mad. I'm disappointed.

2. Out with the Old and in with the New 

It's the God's honest truth that I didn't know the LA arena was stilled called the Staples Center. Hell, I didn't know Staples was still in business. If the shift to digital didn't put Staples under than I'm sure footing the bill for sponsoring the arena did. This event feels like a passing of the baton like moment. The moment where the Old Guard finally relinquishes control to the younger generation. forked over a record $700 million to rename the arena which will last for a whopping 20 years. If you were worried the federal government was going to restrict or even ban cryptocurrency, this should serve as a bode of confidence as it sure looks like the traditional and digital world are slowly merging.

3. Long Live King Woods

Well what do we have here? The GOAT has resurfaced. The golfing community has been left in the dark for months anxiously waiting for any news on the health of Tiger Woods. On Sunday November 29th, Tiger broke his silence by posting a video of his new look swing on twitter (link below) and let me tell you it still looks silky smooth. I remember making a bet that Tiger would never win a tournament let alone a major championship after his first leave of absence only to to watch him win the 20.. Masters. After the video was posted, Draft Kings quickly updated their 2022 Masters odds listing Tiger 15th amongst hopefuls. As they say, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Folks, I'll be betting Tiger Woods every year at the Masters until he finally hangs up the cleats for good. Go get'm Tiger. 

4. Golf Loses an Icon 

On November 28th the golfing world lost a man who broke down barriers. Lee Elder was as significant to golf as Jackie Robinson was to baseball. He was the first black man to qualify and play in the Masters. Although the 1975 Masters was his first appearance, Elder played in a total of 5 Masters Championships with his best finish being 17th place in 1979. Elder compiled quite the golfing career winning 4 times on the PGA Tour and 8 times on the Senior tour. His career was a rag to riches story that served as inspiration throughout the years. Elder lost both his parents before he was 12 years old and spent his formative years caddying at local country clubs to make ends meet. He didn't play his first round of golf until he was sixteen and learned the game by watching his clients who he caddied for. He slowly began to play as a side hustle to make more money and eventually turned pro. Lee Elder paved the wave for so many younger golfers and should be remembered as a hero. We from Grass Clippings salute you. Rest In Peace Mr. Elder. 


Millenielle Golf Club is hosting a popup event at Grass Clippings December 10-11

  • Swing Pretty
  • JayeBird
  • Millennielle Golf Club
  • Glove It
  • Daphne's Headcovers
  • Vimhue
  • Book signing with Debbie Waitkus

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Ladies & Gentlemen. This is a mid-level, unstructured, 5-panel soft corduroy hat. The hat is crazy enough as is so we wanted to keep it simple with the Grass Clippings raised logo embroidery. Both colors we picked are meant to be bold yet neutral enough to wear with anything.

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A 5-Panel, deep fitting, basic trucker hat. Made with a cotton twill fabric and snapback closure. This thing has seen it all. Take the Mantra on the road with you, tip it to the greenskeepers, go low... do you, Amigo.

Folks, those that have been investing in crypto since the beginning patiently wait for the setups like the one we have in front of us. Crypto operates in 4 year cycles all based around the Bitcoin halving and the majority of money is made at the end of each cycle. In 2017 Bitcoin and Ethereum took off in the month of December. Bitcoin went from $11,634 on Dec. 1 to $19,423 on Dec. 15th. Ethereum on the other hand went from $469 on Dec. 1 to $1,410 on Jan. 15th. As they... say history repeats itself and things look eerily similar to 2017. Large investors in the space seem to agree. Publicly traded company Microstrategy added to their Bitcoin position in Q4 by buying an additional 7,002 Bitcoin at an average price of $59,187. Hillary Clinton even said that Bitcoin threatens the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Folks, expect Bitcoin to reach $100,000 in the next two months and it could very well be achieved in the month of December. Like I've said before, a hide tide raises all boats and I expect Ethereum to do just as well if not better. 

Message from Killer the CFO:

There's no way to say this nicely, Billy's portfolio took an absolute beating in November. Highlighted by a -43% return on FST, there wasn't much to write home about. As they say, "what goes down, must come up" and Billy has spent countless hours researching some hot takes for December. Including some diversification in college football and even the Cardinals Christmas night game. Billy has yet to lose 2 months in a row, odds say December should provide some fruitful returns. Novembers breakdown below.

Full breakdown by month of Billy's investments can be accessed here

Investment Allocations for December 2021: 

1. Georgia (-6) over Bama -110 - $2,000

2. Futureswap ($FST) - $5,000

3. ShapeShift FOX ($FOX) - $1,231.58

4. Cardinals over Colts christmas day (Line TBD) - $2,000

Folks.. The first man through the door is always bloodied and Billy Dobson is willing to be that guy. As Billy Beane said, "I'm willing to see this through for better or worse" and the same goes for Billy. Crypto's market structure is eerily similar to 2017 and if you can read a chart you know where this train is headed... We go all in here. 

-Billy Dobson

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